Coronavirus Update - Event Update


As you know LEE VE75 has been postponed to later date in the year due to the Covid19 crisis but I wanted to still get something in place so the day is still celebrated.


So what we have been able  to organise is a ‘Virtual’ event that will be pushed out through Facebook Live; here I have got our artists who were going to taking part in the actual event to come together and deliver an online performance.


I have organised the following:

  • Piper to play the Battle’s O’er

  • Bugler to play the Last Post

  • Winston Churchill actor ‘Steve McTique’ to give his Winston’s speech

  • Then various 1940’s singers to give a performance of wartime favourite songs.


Yesterday we started to promote this out through our Facebook channels and I was wondering of there was anything that could be done through the council to get this promoted to as many as possible?  


“We're going to be a VIRTUAL event due to the social distancing restrictions with a Facebook Live event on May the 8th from 2.45pm.  Get ready, decorate your houses Red, White & Blue and join us for a Virtual VE Day Celebration".


The event team will be reaching out the local papers and radio stations to get their support to promote the event; so that we can get the best coverage as possible.


To encourage people to get involved we are going to offer photos to be sent and a cash prize of £250.00 for the best decorated  house in red, white & blue?


All is based on the current ‘Social Distancing’ restrictions, so should these change before the 8th May, then our plans will be adapted to allow for any restriction changes.

Video of announcement 

Further details to be announced soon. 



The Event Organiser of LEE VE75 have made the decision to postpone LEE VE75, which has been announced this afternoon. 


Following the attached announcement released by the Government last night regarding the VE Day celebrations, which we have been waiting for.


In essence it’s saying the following: 

-  Veterans’ procession down the Mall will no longer take place. 


- Culture Secretary will unveil new plans shortly to ensure the public can give thanks to the Second World War generation


Now with this Government statement, I believe it is the right time to make the decision to postpone LEE VE75 to a future date. 


The current situation we face with the coronavirus is changing our landscape of what we do. We were going to wait until the 9th April but it’s clear that the Government are saying to protect the ww2 generation of people, meaning they cannot attend any VE Day event; which means we postpone. 


With our contingency plans is a date hopefully in August, which will be subject to the advice from the Government regarding events and social distancing.  


Regarding the the 8th May, we will endeavour to get the bunting and flags up together with something we can share with the community.


I’ll keep you informed with the contingency planning; we just have to press the pause button for now. Lee will celebrate.


Keep safe, thank you for your support and understanding 

Kind regards

Jonathan Moore

Event Organiser 

Video of announcement