Reverie, a state of being lost in your own thoughts. A daydream.

Song writer Robby Toner ( moved to Hereford to attend the Royal National College for the Blind and soon struck up a good friendship with one of the early members of Stirling’s 22 SAS A B Bingham (Benny).


Over the years they became very close and would spend Christmases, birthdays and particularly Remembrance days together. As they watched the wreaths being placed at the Cenotaph Benny would always get emotional and say ‘how can we make ‘em remember young un’.


This inspired Robby to write the song Reverie as a touching tribute to those that gave up so much to protect us from tyranny and also to his friend Benny.


Sadly, Benny passed away aged 82 and to Robby’s surprise he had bequeathed him all of his medals from past conflicts and the money to complete the song and make it available for all to see and be played on Remembrance Day each year.


As the the song says, heroes are forgotten, legends never die. Rest in peace A B Bingham, former 22 SAS